DuVal Trail

Posted By on April 4, 2012

DuVal Trail

★★★★  5.38 miles

wednesday hike with the usual master gardener suspects. wow, who knew south kingstown was so mountainous! don’t let this bucolic trailhead fool you, this hike was climby, climby, climby! beautiful open woodlands, great view of block island (from one of the higher points), about 80:20, hikey:walkey. the weather was glorious.

DuVal Trail Trailhead


Block Island Across RI Sound


3 Responses to “DuVal Trail”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Climby is right! I could tell you were ready for it to be over on that last half mile!

  2. auntie says:

    oh, you got that right!

  3. […] of 100… it was awfully hot and humid. but i had an easier time on the hills this time than last time, so that’s a plus. also, it was almost too hot to take pictures, so i only got 2. this aster is, […]

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