Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge

Posted By on August 1, 2012

Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge

3.36 miles  ★★★★½

this is an audubon society property, and one i’ve been meaning to hike for a while, so i was glad it came up as this week’s usual suspects hike. it is a beautiful property. gorgeous. only taking points off for bugs and humidity. AND it’s got a bathroom!

excellent bathroom facilities!


unnamed pond

the clethra alnifolia (aka sweet pepper bush or spice bush) is in bloom now, and was very thick around this little pond. the scent is amazing. and we surprised a herd of deer at this spot. they were splashing around making a racket. surprised they even heard us.

the trail

and the obligatory fungus shot (thanks, cynthia!).

fungus on a rotting stump


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  1. Cynthia D says:

    Can’t help myself. An important part of every hike is checking out whatever cool natural things are happening. That’s why I prefer to bring up the rear… but you already knew that.
    And that fungus was way cool.

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