Francis Carter Preserve & United Nuclear

Posted By on January 26, 2012

Francis Carter Preserve & United Nuclear


really beautifully-blazed trails (a pet peeve of mine. i was beginning to think there was some sort of written or unwritten code of trail blazing that said it was BAD to put blazes at consistent intervals. that’s just what they’ll be expecting! wouldn’t want a complacent hiking public or anything). 90:10 hikey:walkey, with short stretches of climby. couldn’t find 2 geocaches on the preserve, but i then went off the preserve and found the geocache at the united nuclear* gate. then i almost got lost, and did a lot of road walking to get back to my car. this preserve deserves further exploration. maybe by then i’ll have my new, shiny hiking gps! can’t wait can’t wait!

united nuclear entrance

*if you’re unfamiliar with the story, in july of 1964, a worker at the united nuclear plant in wood river junction, rhode island, was killed in the only fatal nuclear accident at a commercial facility in the united states. kind of weird to think about. there is nothing at the site now but a fenced-off section of woods. it has supposedly been decontaminated. here is a link to a new york times article from 2000, if you’re interested in more detail.


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