Goodwin State Forest

Posted By on October 12, 2012

Goodwin State Forest

3.48 miles   ★★★½

this is in hampton, ct, and a good 45-minute drive from home. beautiful venue with meticulously blazed and maintained trails. unfortunately, i got caught unprepared in the rain, and had to cut the hike short. really would love to come back sometime. the property includes a long section of the airline trail and a long stretch of the blue-blazed natchaug trail and i’d have loved to have seen them. next time!

pine acres pond

it was already looking a little threatening even here at the beginning of the hike. it didn’t start raining seriously until i had gone about a mile and three-quarters, though, so by the time i got back i was pretty thoroughly wet and cold, as the temps were low 50’s.

abandoned nest

saw this sad little abandoned birds’ nest by the side of the trail.

governor’s island trail

this is the return trip on the governor’s island trail. so pretty…

you can find out more about the james l. goodwin state forest, and get a trail map, here.


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