Guided Hike on Preston Preserve

Posted By on August 19, 2017

Guided Hike on Preston Preserve

1.2 miles; Preston, CT

This was a joint Avalonia Land Conservancy/North Stonington Garden Club hike led by Bruce Fellman to see all the butterflies on this lovely preserve. Hardly a “hike,” but still a wonderful walk.

Tiny Monarch Caterpillar

The first thing we were all looking for was Monarch Butterfly caterpillars, and the ones we found were teeny, tiny. But it was still a happy thing to find any at all.

Hike Leader

Our hike leader, as I mentioned, was the estimable Bruce Fellman, who has his own amazing nature blog. His photography is stunning, and his insights are always thought-provoking.

Bruce Made a Friend

Naturally, I forget what his friend’s name (and genus and species) is. But the long appendage at his (her?) backside is an ovipositor, not a stinger. Uh, so that would make him a her, I guess!

Joe Pye Weed

One of the blooms that signals the end of summer to me is Joe Pye Weed. It’s also a butterfly magnet. So this was a good/sad sight.

You can find out more about the Preston Preserve at the Avalonia website. And as always, click the above image for details and to download the gps track.


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