Handy Pond Conservation Area

Posted By on January 29, 2017

Handy Pond Conservation Area

3 miles; Lincoln, RI

Today’s PCHC hike was on a property I have been meaning to visit for a while. It’s a fairly newly expanded conservation area of around 300 acres in the town of Lincoln, RI. It’s a very lovely property, with lots of little hills and brooks, and Rochambeau Pond (there is no “Handy” pond—although I suppose you could argue that Rochambeau Pond is pretty handy).

Old Cemetery

There was a sign posted here at this old cemetery that it was being restored. Interesting, because the stones that were here were blank. I wonder if it is an old slave cemetery?

Power Line Cut

This was a fun hike because of all the rather short but steep ups-and-downs through here. I’m not sure what kind of glacial feature this is, but it varied the terrain immensely.

Power Lines, Again

There aren’t a lot of trails that go directly under transmission towers… This is one, though.

Nearby Route 99

As I’ve indicated with the arrow, above, there’s a green highway sign just barely visible through the trees that shows how close we are here to Route 99 which runs from Route 146 in Lincoln to Mendon Road in Woonsocket.

You can find out more about the Handy Pond Conservation Area from this post by fellow blogger/hiker Trails & Walks in RI. And as always, click the above map for details and to download the gpx file.


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