Hangman Hill Preserve

Posted By on May 18, 2014

.5 miles; north stonington, ct

it seems like months since i was last out hiking. first it was the blister, then it was rain, then it was eesh, this is may, time to do yard work! but i was finally nudged into the woods again by an article in the local paper about how north stonington has placed new signs at several town-owned hiking trails. o, rilly? where are these trails of which you speak? there was nothing in the article specifying their location, nor was there anything to be found on the town website. but my interest was piqued enough that i decided to see if i could find a few of them.

i started out looking for the hangman hill preserve, because a) it’s very close to home, and 2) hangman hill is a short and lightly-traveled road, so i should be able to cruise along it looking for the sign without causing too much trouble. sure enough, i managed to find the spot.

hangman hill preserve sign

hangman hill preserve sign

yay! found it! this is just a tiny preserve squeezed between two houses, and i have to say, it’s not the clearest of trails, or the best-blazed. it’s kind of haphazardly blazed with blue discs nailed to trees, many of which have apparently gone missing, or they didn’t have that many to go around, because you wind up spending a lot of time trying to find the trail. the good news is that it’s a very short trail, so, hard to get lost.

wild wood anenome

wild wood anemone

this was wildflower day—there were so many beautiful specimens to be found. the above photo is a wood anemone. they tend to be found in big groupings.

wild geranium

wild geranium

i love these wild geraniums. there’re so cheerful.



i believe the yellow flower above is hooked crowfoot (Ranunculus recurvatus), and the purple is marsh blue violet (Viola cucullata), but don’t quote me. it was just such a bright and verdant grouping, i had to have a photo.

i have added the hangman hill preserve to the hikefinder. the map that i link to is just a larger version of the trail sign at the top of the post.


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