Hartman Park, Lyme

Posted By on March 18, 2012

Hartman Park, Lyme

★★★★½  4.75 miles

my first hike with the se ct adventures meetup group. this was a fantastic property. so much to see… from “the fairy circle” to “the snout” to “three chimneys…” 90:10 hikey:walkey, with some SERIOUS climby involved. and by serious, i mean, at one point i was going up on all 4s. good news/bad news about hiking with a group meant i couldn’t stop to rest, so i had to push my limits. i survived. met some really nice folks. can’t wait to join them again.

Fairy Circles. Srsly.


Great View!


Two of the “Three Chimneys”


The Snout


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