It Was Not to Be

Posted By on January 25, 2017

It Was Not to Be

3 miles; North Stonington, CT

A friend and I tried 3 times to get to the Narragansett Trail area that had the Native American stonework on it (see this post from June of 2014), and were frustrated 3 times, twice by the extremely swollen Yawbux Brook, and once by the poor blazing and trail-making of the Stewart Hill Preserve. Maybe next time…

Yawbux Brook

This is a photo of Plan B. For our first try we followed the Narragansett Trail from Wyassup Lake Road, only to find the brook was so wide it looked like another attempt by beavers to make a new pond. This is normally a very easy stepping-stone type stream crossing. We’ve had some rain here in the last few days, but this seemed excessive, even for recent rains. So we backtracked and went further down Wyassup Lake Road to the old woods road that crosses the Narragansett Trail, only to be confronted by a real washout. This was way too deep to ford, and it was moving pretty fast.

Then I remembered we weren’t far at all from the Stewart Hill Preserve, where, supposedly, there is a connector to the Narragansett Trail. This turned out badly as well, since the trails were very muddy and slippery, and I still couldn’t easily find the connector trail. We gave up.

There’s a Light…

Along the way, though, we saw this pink lantern hanging in a tree, and also in a tree…

Pileated Woodpecker

A magnificent Pileated Woodpecker drilling a characteristically rectangular hole. He let me get pretty close before taking off, too.

Here is a map of our tracks, but I didn’t bother to put in a link. There’s really nothing to see here.

Tracks (no link)

Tracks (no link)


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