Ken Weber Conservation Area

Posted By on December 7, 2017

Ken Weber Conservation Area

.89 miles; Smithfield, RI

This property’s full title is “The Ken Weber Conservation Area at Cascade Brook.” And the cascade in question is very nice. A friend claims it’s the highest natural waterfall in RI. So, not very high, really. This is such a pretty place, if small. It’s a very nice tribute to Ken Weber, who did so much to promote hiking in RI.


You get several nice views of the cascade on this trail. You can see it from above and below, and from one side of the brook and the other.

Old Chimney

There’s a nifty old chimney here, too. It’s not what you’d call especially historic; there’s a lot of concrete in the area. It’s still pretty cool-looking though.

Apple Orchard

The trail brushes up against the edge of an apple orchard. Not a surprise in Smithfield. I was also startled by a deer here, who was I guess startled by me.

Gorgeous Rock Formations

There are some beautiful rock formations in here. It’s because of them that this short hike can’t be called an “Easy Walk.” There’s a bit of climbing, or at least clambering over some of those rock formations.


Here’s the big sign at the start of this short trail, which even includes a photo of Ken Weber. Very cool.

You can find out more about this property from the Town of Smithfield’s excellent website entitled “Seven Scenic Walks in Smithfield.” They include a link to a pdf version as well. As always, click on the image, above, for details about this hike and to download the GPS track.


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