Kettle Pond, Kimball WR, Burlingame

Posted By on September 23, 2012

Kettle Pond, Kimball WR, Burlingame

4.78 miles   ★★★★

usual suspects hike. this was very different from our usual hikes. more open and different kind of terrain. we went through three different properties, too: we started at the federal wildlife refuge headquarters at kettle pond, crossed into the audubon society’s kimball wildlife refuge, and then into burlingame state park, and back around again. we all agreed we’d like to explore the area further.

old ccc camp

this is the remains of an old ccc camp. not much left.

hikes with bathrooms!

another in my continuing series. this was on the grounds of the burlingame campground, just in front of the camp store. hikes with shopping!

refuge on the refuge

this pretty little retreat was on the kimball wildlife refuge. there were inscribed benches and bird baths. it was restful and unexpected.

you can access these trails from the kettle pond visitor’s center in charlestown. trail map here.



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