Legendwood/Narragansett Trail

Posted By on January 30, 2012

Legendwood/Narragansett Trail


wow. seriously challenging hike. 100% hikey, severe climby parts. just all around tough walking. but it was my first hike with my new gps, and i LOOOVEE my gps. even if i can’t yet figure out the whole geocaching thing, i always knew exactly where i was in relation to the car. very cool.

did 3 miles, though, and i’m pooped. going someplace FLAT tomorrow!

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  1. […] is the hike i aborted in august—i had the time to finish it today. it also encompasses part of a hike i did waaaay back in january. my ratings for this area keep going up, too, from 3 stars initially to 4 today. it really is a […]

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