Lincoln Woods State Park

Posted By on February 19, 2017

Lincoln Woods State Park

Ugh!!! Snow everywhere. Finally jumped on an invitation from the Facebook Take-A-Hike gang to walk the Pawson Loop in Lincoln Woods. It was only 2-1/2 miles, so I walked it twice. We had a beautiful day, though, with temps reaching 60-degrees.

Yup. Snow.

Thank goodness the state plows this paved loop through the State Park, or there wouldn’t be anywhere to walk!

Frozen Pond

There were a lot of footsteps in the snow, and a few spots of ice on the pavement, but we soldiered on nevertheless. Wrong way or not…!

Pretty Sky

The weather and the company were what made this little jaunt special. Here’s some more info on Lincoln Woods State Park from the state of RI. I’m not going to bother putting up a track on this “hike.” Just followed the paved Pawson Loop. Twice.


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