Lovecraft’s College Hill Walking Tour

Posted By on November 12, 2014

Lovecraft's College Hill Walking Tour

2.66 miles; providence, ri

this is a departure for me. i met a friend in providence for lunch, and we decided to do a walking tour. since i’ve always been an h.p. lovecraft junkie, i downloaded a self-guided walking tour and we made it an afternoon. this tour goes up and down and up and down and up college hill, so it’s a workout, but it’s a lot of fun, and the gorgeous houses on providence’s east side are worth a look all by themselves. i didn’t take many photos, sorry, but i did get one of the graveyard at st. john’s cathedral, where, it is said, both lovecraft and edgar allen poe hung out.

oh, and somewhere on this jaunt i passed 400 miles for 2014. not bad…

st. john's cemetery

st. john’s cemetery

i have added this walk to the hikefinder, and again outsourced the map to the h.p. lovecraft archives website.


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