Mount Willard, White Mountains National Forest

Posted By on November 10, 2012

Mount Willard, White Mountains National Forest

3.2 miles  ★★★★★

i know what you’re thinking… “3.2 miles? really auntie? you call that a hike?” well, let me tell you, when you’re going up 900 feet in 1.6 miles, yeah, i call that a hike.

this was the second of our hikes from our usual suspects new hampshire trip, and it pushed me past limits i never knew i could go past. just the fact that i was able to do it at all astonished me. my sincere thanks to my friend mountain mama for a) having faith that i could do it, and b) pushing me to do it even when, about halfway up, i was thinking seriously murderous thoughts about her.

fungus shot!

hey, it’s a fungus shot! see those shelf fungus waaaay at the top of this old birch snag? polypores.

here is the reward at the top of this climb… the incredible view of crawford notch. it was stunning. i won’t say it was breathtaking, because the hike was breathtaking enough for me.

the usual suspects

here’s a shot of the usual suspects at the top. that’s yours truly on the left. i am no longer, at this point, considering pushing anyone down the mountainside.


and aside from the many tracks in the snow we saw on both days, this was our only wildlife sighting… a very brazen red squirrel making his living by cadging off the climbers. by the way, don’t feed the wildlife, no matter how cute.

the amc has information and directions to this hike at their website.


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