My Favorite SE New England HIkes">My Favorite SE New England HIkes

My Favorite SE New England Hikes


This is a list of favorite hikes from my hiking days in southeastern New England, i.e., Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island—mostly Rhode Island.

If none of these hikes do it for you, don’t forget to check the hikefinder. Not feeling like anything listed there? Go to Trails and Walks in Rhode Island, Looksee-RI’s hiking map or ExploreRI. Still not enough choices? Try checking out Looksee-RI’s hiking resources page. And if you still can’t find a hike to strike your fancy, you’re just not trying hard enough!

Now with no further ado, here are the hikes. They are listed in no particular order, except maybe creation date.

• Long Pond/Ell Pond

• Green Falls Gorge

• Tri-State Trek

• Tefft Hill from the State Garage

• The Grills

• The Vin Gormley Trail


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