Narragansett Trail & Camp Yawgoog

Posted By on December 12, 2012

Narragansett Trail & Camp Yawgoog

4.25 miles   ★★★★½

this is the usual suspects hike we attempted at the end of november. wow, very strenuous. we had an almost bad injury (slip and fall against a rock), but survived. it’s a very beautiful trip, though, and i’d like to do it again. and just a note for those who might be interested, this trail was one of the locations used in filming the movie moonrise kingdomi watched the movie the day after i hiked this and i knew exactly where they filmed it because i had just walked the same trail. so cool.

earle’s bridge

i found out that this bridge on the narragansett trail near canonchet road, which i’ve shot before, was built by my friend’s husband, earle, some 20 years ago. so from here on out, i’m calling it “earle’s bridge.”

this is a shot of the trail near long pond that runs through the most amazing, primeval-looking stand of rhododendrons. we kept remarking on how healthy the plants looked because they are in their perfect habitat.

dead frog

finally, we came across this poor little guy on the boy scout camp property. he was quite dead. think it’s a leopard frog, but any frog experts, feel free to weigh in. not sure what killed him. he was right by a stream, and we thought maybe he froze to death.

you can see the route of this hike on this david brierley map. we did it as a one-way car-shuttle, starting at ashville pond in rockville and following the yellow trail to the state line parking lot.


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