High Ledges, Legendwood Rd.

Posted By on October 2, 2012

High Ledges, Legendwood Rd.

5.84 miles   ★★★★

very strenuous hike. there were places in this trail which required some all fours work (going up) and some butt skootching (going down), and the climbing on the narragansett trail was bad enough, but legendwood road is a mess, and apparently uphill both directions. still pretty amazing scenery. met two ladies who are hiking all the ct. blue-blazed trails. they like narragansett trail the best so far.

trail to bullet ledge and bear cave

yah, the trail winds up on top of that rock outcropping. and that’s not the steepest climb on the trip! that’s bullet ledge, where the legendary bear cave is. you can read all about the bullet ledge and the bear cave thanks to the excellent work of david brierley at “the story of the yawgoog trails.” his maps for this area are also excellent. highly recommend.

this is the hike i aborted in augusti had the time to finish it today. it also encompasses part of a hike i did waaaay back in january. my ratings for this area keep going up, too, from 3 stars initially to 4 today. it really is a great walk, with lots of challenging spots, but it’s highly rewarding.

fungus shot

here’s your fungus shot, complete with some sort of puffball and bonus slime mold. doesn’t get better than that! or perhaps it does…

hemlock varnish shelf, ganoderma tsugae

oooh, hemlock varnish shelf! a tw0-fer, at that.

long stone wall

i thought this view of an old stone wall disappearing into the distance was amazing. this walk is full of stone walls and cellar holes. it must have been quite the farming community at one time.


finally, wildlife! i had to coax this little guy to stick around. he was very shy. and no bigger than a quarter. so cute.



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  1. Cynthia says:

    Nice! I know someone who’d really love scrambling up those rocks…..

  2. sharon says:

    what a red fungus!

  3. scott says:

    Looks fun, been wanting to hike this area for awhile!

    • auntie says:

      hey, sorry, you got caught in my spam filter. yeah, it’s fun and challenging, although legendwood road is hard to walk on with all the potato-sized rocks.

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