I’m Baaaaccckkk!!!!

Posted By on October 5, 2013

I'm Baaaaccckkk!!!!

1.42 miles   1.9 mph

yeah, baby, i’m back! for the first time in 71 days, i went for a walk in the woods. it wasn’t much of a walk, but still, I WAS IN THE WOODS. WALKING. IN THE WOODS, WHILE WALKING. it was amazing.



here i am at the beginning of the foster cove loop. back in february of 2012, i took my friend on this loop to help her rehab from ankle surgery. today, she returned the favor. unfortunately, thanks to the government shutdown, the ninigret wildlife refuge, which is where this trail is, was closed. so we went to the town park next door and walked over. this added to the mileage enough so that i didn’t feel confident i could do the whole 1-mile loop, so we did a shortened version. but still… i’m back.



while we were there, we saw this massive pink cloud, which i think may be a huge elderberry cluster. at least, that’s what i’m going with for the i.d. i have added the foster cove loop to the hikefinder, although you technically won’t be able to hike it until the government shutdown ends.


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  1. auntie says:

    thanks! hope to see you “out there” one of these days.

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