North South Trail Trek, Leg 1

Posted By on March 9, 2013

North South Trail Trek, Leg 1

11.5 miles   2.9 mph

kind of a cool trek. me and 50 complete strangers headed off this morning to hike the first leg of the ri north south trail, from blue shutters beach in charlestown to meadow brook pond in richmond. i did not disgrace myself; i finished about 2/3 of the way down the pack. wasn’t crazy about the last 2 miles of road walking, but i made it.

blue shutters beach

blue shutters beach

after congregating at the meadow brook pond fishing access area in richmond, we all got on a school bus which took us to the blue shutters beach in charlestown. and the trail officially starts at the ocean’s edge, so everyone had to go get their boots kissed by salt water.

southernmost blaze

southernmost blaze

and painted on the rip-rap at the beach is the southernmost blaze of the north south trail.

friendly horses

friendly horse

i’ve hiked most of the woods portions of this trail. a long stretch runs concurrently with the vin gormley train in burlingame state park, and another stretch runs through burlingame wildlife management area. but a significant portion of this leg is road-walking, particularly from the beach to burlingame, and again once you emerge from the wildlife refuge. where you are greeted by a friendly horse, and pigs and cows, further along.

meadowbrook pond

meadowbrook pond

and here is the start and finish of this leg, meadowbrook pond in richmond. i was very glad to get here, i gotta say. and this is where we start hiking in two weeks to do the 2nd leg of the trek. once my legs recover, i’m sure i’ll be all excited about it.

i’ve put this hike into the hikefinder.


5 Responses to “North South Trail Trek, Leg 1”

  1. Dan says:

    I was hoping to do the trek this year but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Plus I already missed the first one. Looks like you had a nice hike although I wouldn’t like the road walks either. Now that I found your site I’ll follow along on your trek. Did you post any more pictures to an online album?

    • auntie says:

      no, no more pictures. i didn’t dare take the time. i was feeling a lot of pressure not to be the last one back. as was my bladder, actually.

  2. 02804 says:

    I was hoping to do the trek this year too but am (temporarily) convalescing and under orders not to walk much right now.

    We did the trek in 2002 and we took up the rear as well, not only didn’t we want to rush thru it but we are not in it for the exercise as much for the experience.

    BTW, I love your trail listing and links to maps, definitely an excellent resource and one that has ben lacking for those of us on the CT/RI border. It is a valuable resource.

  3. […] of road walking in the middle. this photo was at the very beginning, near meadowbrook pond (see leg 1). the trees in the distance are the carolina management area south, but first you have to traipse […]

  4. […] is info on the 2014 North-South Trail Trek. I can’t make the first two legs, but I did those last year. Maybe I’ll be able to do leg 3; I’m going to register for it. See you all in the […]

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