Pachaug—Hodge Pond Loop

Posted By on June 15, 2012

Pachaug—Hodge Pond Loop

★★★★½  6.78 miles

wow, first time out in june… where does the time go? this was unexpectedly nice. there were some very pretty parts, and some cool old cellar holes and a waterfall, among other things. but there were some stretches that were in typical multi-use trail shape, i.e., rocky, eroded, muddy, and lumpy. mostly good, though.

sunlight through birch leaves

came across this lovely little bridge in the middle of the woods… it has nice concrete aprons and a well-built wooden deck. it was unexpected and fun.

an unexpected bridge

this picture was taken from the remains of either a stone bridge or a stone dam… it was hard to tell which it was.

myron kinney brook

and i’d look this next one up and give you some information about it, but that would require spending time looking at pictures of spiders, and i’m just not up for that. i thought it was interesting enough to post, however. any spider-ologists who would care to weigh in, feel free.

odd-looking spider


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