Pachaug—Mt. Misery Loop

Posted By on May 31, 2012

Pachaug—Mt. Misery Loop

★★★★  6.77 miles

i have just three words to say about this hike: hikes with bathrooms! this is a major plus in my book, and got this walk an extra star. this was a pretty strenuous one, with some rugged elevation changes. lot of (dirt) road walking, too. but it went through some pretty spots, and i liked it overall (especially the potty break at the horse camp about 2 miles in). by the way, that last mile or so is a killer. also, this is my last hike in may. can’t believe i only got out 7 times this whole month. i got out LOTS more in january! then again, i managed almost 41 miles in 7 hikes, so there’s that…

pretty spot on the pachaug trail


mt. misery survey marker



shadow on the rhododendron sanctuary boardwalk


3 Responses to “Pachaug—Mt. Misery Loop”

  1. Linda Ferrara says:

    Funny, all of my hikes have bathrooms…. there are lots of trees and bushes here in New Mexico! ; )

    • auntie says:

      ha! well, sure, if you want to get technical, all my hikes have similar “facilities.” but this one was special! it had a nice, tidy little building, a locking door, a sit-down commode, and best of all, toilet paper! it’s all in the details…

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