Pachaug Trail, Laurel Loop, Nehantic Trail

Posted By on April 24, 2012

Pachaug Trail, Laurel Loop, Nehantic Trail

★★★  5.37 miles

blisters basically healed, so did a 5+ mile loop through the pachaug. not my favorite hike, although it had some nice parts. very wet due to yesterday’s heavy rains—the trail was almost a brook in spots. this is gonna be great when the laurels bloom, though. 90:10 hikey:walkey, a bit of climby but nothing arduous.

Dwarf Ginseng in Bloom


Pachaug Trail or Pachaug Brook?


Mountain Laurel Buds


Pine Cathedral


Birds Foot Violets


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  1. […] this hike once before, but that was way back at the beginning of my hiking “career,” in April 2012, and I don’t remember really enjoying it much. I think it was pretty wet. I don’t know […]

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