Paffard Woods

Posted By on June 24, 2015

1.5 miles; stonington, ct

this was a short but fun walk with a friend on this avalonia property. lots to look at including a gorgeous little brook, interesting rock formations, and wildflowers. i had hoped to visit this property last february on snowshoes, but the parking lot looked pretty dicey to me, and i didn’t want to get myself stuck, so i passed. i’m kind of glad i waited, though.

cool twisted tree

cool twisted tree

there were a couple of very interesting glacial erratics, but this one was fascinating. not only did it have this oddly twisted birch growing out of one side, but there was a big old oak tree on the other side that looked like it was trying to swallow the boulder.

Round-leaved Pyrola Pyrola americana

Round-leaved Pyrola
Pyrola americana

it took me a while to find out the name of this wildflower. it looks a lot like the flowers of striped pippsisewa, but the leaves are not the same. it’s related, though.

indian cucumber root

indian cucumber root

i am told that this plant got its name because the root tastes something like cucumber [ed. duh]. i would rather not test it out, however, as that’s a good way to kill the plant [ed. double-duh].

i have added this hike to the hikefindertrailheadtrail map, courtesy avalonia land conservancy.


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