Parker Woodland, Foster Tract

Posted By on March 7, 2012

Parker Woodland, Foster Tract

★★★★  6.3 miles

wow, another “kicked my ass” hike. 6.3 miles, and a lot of hard walking. 85:15 hikey:walkey, and lots of climby spots, and boulders, and rocks. but this such a pretty and interesting property, what with the mysterious cairns, cellar  holes, charcoal burning sites, caves, table rock… lots of things to see. and another “crowded” day on the trail, to boot. i guess my days of having these places all to myself are over, with the warmer weather coming. heck, there was one guy out there today in shorts!

Shelf Fungus




Table Rock


One of Many Cellar Holes


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  1. […] there are lots of other ruins on this property, as well as the famous, mysterious stone cairns. there is also a charcoal burning site, a “table” rock, and an old woods road that is named for a legendary revolutionary war incident. all in all, parker is a very cool place to visit. i talked about a lot of this stuff in an earlier post. […]

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