Post Sandy Post

Posted By on November 6, 2012

Post Sandy Post

so it’s been ages and ages since i’ve posted here, mainly because i haven’t hiked since before sandy blew through my little corner of connecticut. we survived the storm just fine, but our power was out for 126 hours. that’s five full days plus another 6 hours, for the mathematically challenged among you.

i’ve also been hesitating to go out into the woods… i know that the local land conservancy, avalonia, has closed one or two preserves due to storm damage, and i shudder to think what the trails look like in my beloved arcadia. i have contacted the local chapter of the amc about volunteering for trail clean-up, but haven’t heard anything yet.

posting will continue to be sparse, also, because i am heading to new hampshire to hike with the “usual suspects” later on this week, and there is no internet connectivity where we will be staying.

i promise, however, to take pictures and post on any hiking we do when i get back. so stay tuned, beakies. auntie will be back to her full-service posting soon.


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