Reed-Mitchell Preserve

Posted By on November 15, 2012

Reed-Mitchell Preserve

2.66 miles   ★★★½

this is an avalonia land conservancy property in north stonington. it includes a pretty little brook, some very cool glacial erratics, and lots of old stone walls. however, i can’t express how much i hate walking on the thick carpet of leaves that obscures the trails. very annoying. not that i’m expecting anyone to come and rake or anything…! it’s just that i started hiking in january, and i don’t remember any problems with leaves. they must be pretty much gone by then. i hope.

old sulphur shelf fungus

from a distance this looked like some trash that was thrown in the woods, but up close, it was an old sulphur shelf, or chicken-of-the-woods fungus.


here’s the brook. you can tell from the light that it was getting late. i really have to adjust my start times. i don’t like to be out too close to dusk, because that’s when the hunters are out. and while this particular parcel is not a hunting area, it was surrounded by private property that obviously was, if all the cars (and the occasional deer stand in the trees) were any indication.

you can find out information about this property at the avalonia website, and get a trailmap here.


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