RIP, Bucky Beaver

Posted By on May 15, 2016

RIP, Bucky Beaver

8-1/4 miles; Charlestown, RI

I have some sad news to report… my old pal, Bucky Beaver, is no more.

I decided it was time to hit the Vin Gormley Trail again, and as is my wont, I parked at what I like to call the Bucky Beaver Trailhead on Kings Factory Highway. When I got there I was shocked and saddened to find Bucky was no longer at his post… instead, I found this:



Bucky! Where are you, dude? And who is this ratty imposter?

No answers were to be found, so I hiked the trail in a rather melancholy fashion, reflecting on the mortality of us all.

I found Bucky on my second ever hike of the Vin Gormley Trail. I had started off at the beach and hiked the road to the trailhead on King’s Factory, and while on that dismal road section, discovered poor old Bucky lost and discarded by the roadside. I picked him up, but I didn’t honestly feel like carrying him the whole remaining 6-1/2 miles, so I kind of stuck him onto a nail just under the mileage sign. And there he stayed for four long years.

I guess I’m just going to have to reconcile myself to the rat. I guess I could call him Ratso Rizzo. But he’s no Bucky, that’s for sure.

Bucky RIP

Bucky RIP

Please imagine the sad music of your choice while viewing. Thank you.


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  1. Beth says:

    I always wondered the story behind that guy on the nail on the pole. Sorry your buddy is gone.

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