Riverwood Preserve

Posted By on August 4, 2012

Riverwood Preserve

3.64 miles  ★½

awful day for a hike. it had to be 99.9% humidity and hot and extremely buggy. i ended up wearing my bug hood, even though it just made me more sweaty and miserable. ugh! and the spider webs! i was still pulling webs off an hour after i got home. and this property, while unique and attractive, is not as nice in the summer as it was in february, when i last walked it. the leaves on the trees obscure the views, and the undergrowth hides the fact that at one point you’re walking through an old granite quarry.

some sort of russula mushroom?

obligatory fungus shot. this may be some sort of russula mushroom, which are edible. but of course, i really have no idea. i just thought the fluted margin was interesting.

riverwood preserve

beautiful granite cellar hole. this is the cellar hole i was standing in in this picture.

lobelia by the river

there was a pretty spot with these bright red spikes of cardinal flower, or lobelia, down by the pawcatuck river.

boy scout camp gate

this is a pretty odd place to visit. first you must park pretty far from the road to the preserve, out on old hopkinton road, and then walk up boy scout drive. at the end of boy scout drive, you get onto the preserve by walking first down a paved driveway that is very clearly marked “private, no trespassing,” and then down a gravel drive right through someone’s yard, and finally you come to a closed and locked gate with the boy scout trefoil on it. believe it or not, the preserve is beyond the gate; trail map here.


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  1. Linda Ferrara says:

    I was just sayoing the same thing on my blog – summer is my least favorite time of year to hike! Too sweaty and sticky!

  2. […] day in december in new england, so another quick trip out. i haven’t been on riverwood since august of 2012, and it’s not a good place to visit in the summer. in the winter, however, it’s another story. […]

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