Rockville Management Area Loop

Posted By on August 29, 2012

Rockville Management Area Loop

3.39 miles   ★★★½

this is the blue pond/ashville pond loop that i did back in may. i also did the narragansett trail stretch of this last month, as part of the long pond hike. it’s still one of the prettiest hikes in rhode island… at least, the part that is in the woods. unfortunately, the way i do this loop, it’s a lot of road-walking, which i’m just not fond of.

narragansett trail trailhead at ashville pond

it was a lovely day in the woods. this is the old beach at ashville pond. it’s gotten kind of weedy, but it’s still very pretty.

ccc shelter

a friend tells me this is all that’s left of an old ccc shelter, built during the depression, i guess. kind of sad now.


is there anyplace you can go to escape advertising? apparently not!


obligatory fungus shot. it was a brilliant purple color.


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