Salmon River Trail

Posted By on December 3, 2012

Salmon River Trail

7.38 miles   ★★★★★

you gotta love a hike that starts (and ends) on a 175-year-old covered bridge! this is a beautiful hike. pretty strenuous, with 400+ foot elevation changes, but worth it. this was a ct forest & park association blue-blazed trail, and was pretty clearly marked and well-maintained.

comstock covered bridge

this is the comstock covered bridge in colchester, ct. the trailhead for the salmon river trail is across the bridge, on the south bank of the salmon river, and the parking area is on the north bank.

the salmon river

the trail follows the south bank of the river for about a half mile, then begins to climb. and climb. and climb! you start out at around 100 feet elevation, and at its highest point, the trail goes up to 530 feet. but heck, it’s not the white mountains, so i figured i could handle it, and i could.

day pond brook falls

this hike is basically a “lollipop loop,” with about a 2-mile in and back to a 5+ mile loop. then there’s this little quarter-mile spur trail (which was someone’s eagle project), which takes you to the day pond brook waterfalls. i could hardly pass it by. it was a very pretty spot.

a fixer-upper

they say that ted williams used to hunt and fish in this state forest. i think i found where he parked his car…

day pond picnic area

had a bite to eat here at the day pond state park picnic area. the trail takes you through the salmon river state forest and loops through this adjacent state park before heading back. it’s a good spot to have a sit-down and eat a snack before heading back.

you can find information about the salmon river state forest and a trail map of this hike on the ct dep website.


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