Solstice on Sammy C’s Trail

Posted By on December 21, 2013

Solstice on Sammy C's Trail

2.71 miles; charlestown, ri

this is the trail that heads towards schoolhouse pond in charlestown from the vin gormley trail. i had no idea it was so long or so “technical” (apparently it’s a big mountain biking trail). it even had a “rainbow” bridge on a boardwalk, which i declined to try out. it’s a fun trail and i’d like to see the whole thing, next time. i simply ran out of daylight on this winter solstice day.

signs for sammy c's and schoolhouse pond

signs for sammy c’s and schoolhouse pond

i didn’t know what to expect when i headed out on this trail. actually, i had originally planned to just go out to the ninigret wildlife refuge, but it was inexplicably closed today; no idea why. so i zipped over to burlingame since i was so close by. temps were in the mid-50’s, and the vin gormley trail was a mud hole. so when i saw the signs for these trails i decided to give them a try.

yeah, they're just the same

yeah, they’re just the same

the “rainbow” bridge on sammy c’s trail reminded me of the oregon inlet bridge on the outer banks of north carolina. close, right?

low winter sun

low winter sun

the trail was pretty easy to follow and it was mostly blazed with dayglo orange tape on the trees. it was surprising to me how low the sun was, till i remembered that today was the solstice. it’s all up hill from here!

i have included this hike in the hikefinder.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    The Ninigret refuge is closed for “junior deer hunting” season. Incredible but true.

  2. […] i anticipated. but it was quite interesting. i started out on sammy’s c’s trail, which i had explored before last december. my ankle was not up to walking the whole trail at that time, so i cut it short, but […]

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