Shorter South Ridge Road Loop

Posted By on November 3, 2020

Shorter South Ridge Road Loop

7.5 miles; 563 feet ascent; Asheville, NC

I’ve had this one in my “Hikes I’d Like to Do” list for a while. The first half was great, in that it was exactly the end part of yesterday’s hike around Lake Powhatan. But the 2nd half was all on forest roads, and as I may have previously mentioned, those are not my favorite hiking venue. They are very monotonous and boring. So this particular hike is not going on the repeat list.

Brisk Morning

It was cold enough when I started this morning, 38º, that I was forced to dig out one of my visored winter beanie hats to cover my ears. As it turned out, I really should have dug out the blaze orange one, which I found out when I came across a hunter who informed me that this part of Pisgah is indeed a “game land.” Whoops, my bad.

Powhatan Dam

I missed this yesterday too! It’s the dam that created the lake. Nice waterfall.

What? No Bridge?

Not far into the Explorer Loop Trail I came across a pretty wide stream across the path. “$#*&% North Carolina and their bridge allergies!” I muttered. (I’ve never really gotten over that Mullinax Loop experience.)

Stream Crossing

But then I looked left, and lo and behold, there was a very short side trail leading to a bridge! Why this wasn’t, ya know, on the path must remain a mystery. But at least it was there and I didn’t have to wade.

Wildflower? Nope

This pine cone remnant looked so much like a flower that I thought it would make a good Last Wildflower Post for 2020. So watch for that on my Facebook page. There really isn’t much of anything else in bloom anymore, alas. Stay tuned for spring.

You can find out more about this hike from this excellent US Forest Service map (pdf file). South Ridge Road is designated 479M on the map. As always, click the image above for details about this hike and to download the gps track.


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