Stillwater Scenic Trail

Posted By on April 10, 2014

Stillwater Scenic Trail

2.3 miles; smithfield, ri

thought i’d knock a couple of walks off of my “hikes to do” list while i was in the smithfield area. stillwater scenic trail was my first stop. this is a simple out-and-back along an old railroad bed and it’s, well, scenic enough, if you’re not expecting broad vistas and idyllic landscapes. saw some swans, and the bridge under washington highway is cool. i parked at the capron road end, but there is also decent parking at the farnum pike end.

swan on stillwater pond

swan on stillwater pond

there was another swan, too, but i didn’t get a good shot of the 2 of them together.

washington highway bridge

it was cool walking under this bridge. it’s really quite artistic, with the 3 giant arches. i was a bit unnerved by the “danger: falling material” sign just before you go under the bridge, however.

i have added this hike to the hikefinder.


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