Three 2019 Sky’s the Limit Hikes

| June 14, 2019

Three 2019 Sky's the Limit Hikes

4.65 miles; Sprague, Hampton, and Voluntown, CT Can’t really call them all hikes, and I didn’t even bother to record the gps track for one of them. But I got all my selfies [Ed. Note: not so much], so that makes 6 down, with 4 to go for the certificate, and 8 to go for […]

Mashamoquet Brook to Natchaug via Air Line Trail

| April 10, 2017

Mashamoquet Brook to Natchaug via Air Line Trail

12.1 miles; Hampton, Eastford and Pomfret, CT Day #4 of my Five Hikes in Five Days almost killed me [Spoiler: It didn’t.] It came about because I was looking at the Sky’s the Limit Hiking Challenges, and noticed that these two TSTLC destination parks were connected to each other via the Air Line Trail and thought, […]

The Sky’s The Limit Challenge, Hike 14—James Goodwin SF

| October 31, 2016

The Sky's The Limit Challenge, Hike 14—James Goodwin SF

3.75 miles; Hampton, CT We did it! Stacy and I completed the Connecticut DEEP’s 14-hike “Sky’s the Limit Challenge.” And on Halloween, no less (hence the spooky selfie). This whole challenge has been a gas. There are so many great places to hike in this state, and I am very grateful to the CT DEEP […]

Goodwin State Forest

| September 5, 2015

Goodwin State Forest

8.18 miles; hampton, ct i decided to make this my last hike before leaving for ireland, and have i mentioned i plan to be hiking in ireland soon? i will be leaving monday. i’ve hiked here before, but i got rained out that first time, because i only did a small part of this large trail […]

Goodwin State Forest

| October 12, 2012

Goodwin State Forest

3.48 miles   ★★★½ this is in hampton, ct, and a good 45-minute drive from home. beautiful venue with meticulously blazed and maintained trails. unfortunately, i got caught unprepared in the rain, and had to cut the hike short. really would love to come back sometime. the property includes a long section of the airline trail […]