Grandfather’s Field

| November 7, 2018

1.1 miles; Sherborn, MA This is a Trustees of the Reservation property which is actually a part of the Rocky Narrows Reservation in Sherborn. It’s a very beautiful spot to from which to view the Charles River, as there are no buildings on either bank for a long stretch. This was also part of my […]

Little Farm Pond

| November 7, 2018

Little Farm Pond

.64 miles; Sherborn, MA Today was a visit to Sherborn, MA, with my friend Marjorie to check out a few “Easy Walks.” This walk is part of Mass. Audubon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary, but is separated from the main property by impassible wetlands. It provided a lovely view of a kettle pond, and a there is […]

Bay Circuit Trail Section 16

| August 7, 2017

12.18 miles; Sherborn and Medfield, MA I really gotta be more careful about mileage estimates on this trail. I had estimated today’s hike to be about 10.5 miles, and it turned out to be almost 12.25. That’s very different. See, there were 2 parking areas on Noon Hill Road in Medfield. For the hike to […]

Bay Circuit Trail Section 15

| August 2, 2017

6.85 miles; Sherborn, MA Long stretch of this trail in Sherborn, and this section was certainly better than the last one, at least in terms of being almost entirely in the woods. I was, however, kind of happy it wasn’t too long, because it was soooo hot and humid. I couldn’t have gotten wetter if […]

Bay Circuit Trail Section 14

| July 26, 2017

7.15 miles; Ashland and Sherborn, MA Nothing much to recommend this section, either. Mostly road. Decidedly urban hiking with little woods sections between cul-de-sacs. Then a long walk on a busy road. Only redeeming feature? A Dunkin’ Donuts along the route. Hope this trail gets better soon… The first part of this hike was actually […]

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