Tefft Hill & Browning Mill Pond

Posted By on December 23, 2012

Tefft Hill & Browning Mill Pond

5.23 miles   ★★★★

today was more of a brisk walk than a hike, and i did it in record time (i think i’m reading too many through-hiking books.) also, it was sunday and i wanted to get back in time to watch football. which i did. go pats!

new bridge on arcadia trail

i came across a brand-new bridge on the yellow-blazed arcadia trail. there was a trail maintenance/bridge crew out yesterday. thanks guys!

rose hips at roaring brook pond

again, the lack of color in the winter woods just makes what little color there is jump out. this shot of multiflora rose hips on the shore of roaring brook pond looked otherworldly to me, the way the sky was reflected behind them.

striped pipsissewa

the color of the striped pisissewa was more subtle, but just as pretty.


some manmade color brightens the route 95 overpass.

this is a hike i’ve done before, starting and ending at the state garage on nooseneck hill road at the richmond/exeter line.


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