Ten Years…!

Posted By on February 6, 2022

Ten Years...!

The first post on this blog is dated January 1, 2012. Yeah, I know it’s now February, but due to a series of unfortunate events, the older posts required… well, a lot of work. A great deal of my photos had been lost by my previous hosting company. I still had the originals, but they needed to be re-exported and re-linked to the posts where the photos were missing.

Weetamoo Woods, January 31, 2012

At last count, there are currently 865 published posts, and 18 drafts—17 once I put this one up. Needless to say, it took a loooonnngg time to fix everything, but fix it I did.


pink is the new red, August 12, 2013

It was an interesting exercise to look back on 10 years of hiking. I never did explain the backstory, either.

more marsh grass

Barn Island, November 16, 2014

Back over 10 years ago now I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Not the more benign osteopenia… the full deal. My doctor wanted to put me on one of the bone density drugs, like Fosimax or Boneva or whatever, but I happened to have a friend who had not one but two spontaneous femur breaks while she was on those drugs, and I frankly wanted no part of them.

standing stone

Cahirsaveen to Waterville (Ireland), September 10, 2015

“Well, then you’re going to have to start doing some weight-bearing exercise,” the doctor said. At the time, my idea of exercise was going out into the garden to pick tomatoes. But I was determined to avoid taking those drugs, so I thought I’d try this whole “weight-bearing exercise” thing out.

Well, as you might have guessed, the rest is history. I was thoroughly hooked on hiking AND I successfully increased my bone density to the point where I was no longer diagnosed with osteoporosis, but “merely” osteopenia.

Since then, as you can see, I’ve hiked many, many miles and had many, many interesting adventures. I successfully completed the “Sky’s the Limit” Challenge sponsored by the Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, once at least.

I’ve hiked sections of the Appalachian Trail, The Wales Coast Path, The Kerry Way, and completed the Bay Circuit Trail.

I’ve hiked in a dozen states and several foreign countries, including South Korea. And then there was that time I broke my ankle while hiking and had to be carried out of the woods.

Hemp Hill Knob, June 23, 2020

I’ve made so many friends! People I met while hiking, and people I met through my blogging on social media, and people from groups I’ve hiked with. Turns out, there are a lot of great people out there hiking!

Jane Bald from Carver’s Gap, September 24, 2021

In January of 2020, my husband and I sold our house in Connecticut and moved to Asheville, North Carolina. Just in time for the pandemic! And believe me, hiking in the mountains of Western North Carolina is a whole different thing than the hiking the flatlands of southeastern New England. And there’s bears! I’m still working on getting my mountain legs, and lungs, but I’m having a blast just poking around Asheville in the meantime.

Beaver Lake, January 1, 2022

And I sincerely hope to have many more adventures. I hope to tell you all about them—stay tuned!


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