Tillighast Pond

Posted By on August 8, 2012

Tillighast Pond

4.0 miles   ★★★★

usual suspects hike. the weather was warm and humid, but nothing like this past weekend. we cut it a bit short more for time constraints than any other reason. this is really a pretty property, with great trails which are well-maintained and very clearly marked. i’d like to come back on my own sometime.

spider web

yes, i got close enough to take this with the digital macro feature of my camera. of course, the maker was very tiny…

tillighast pond

this is the pond. very weedy, but very pretty.

“howard’s rest”

this is a recently-dedicated (may 2012) bench, which, according to the sign, was “howard’s rest.” lovely spot.

tillighast pond is managed by the nature conservancy. it’s in west greenwich, ri, off route 102. you can see the website for this area and download the trail map here.


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