Tillinghast Pond Management Area

Posted By on October 8, 2012

Tillinghast Pond Management Area

4.15 miles   ★★★★

nice hike, nice day, if a little cool. i got to wear my brand-new blaze orange fleece vest, so cool was fine with me. first time i’ve been here alone, and it was actually prettier than i remembered. did 2 of the 3 loops, but i was under some time constraints, or i’d have done all 3 major loops.

tillinghast pond

it really is a very pretty place. this is the pond.

fungus shot

no idea what these are.

boardwalk on the trail

handsome boardwalk on the trail.

fly agaric, or amanita mushroom

this was a gigantic (for its kind) fly agaric that was growing in a field.

tillinghast pond management area is a 1900-acre property owned by the nature conservancy in west greenwich. you can get directions and a trail map here.


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  1. Lee May says:

    In a big fungus year (or so it seems to me), you sure captured a big fungus.

  2. auntie says:

    well, to be fair, it was about, oh, tennis-ball sized. but still, that’s big for an amanita.

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