Tippecansett Trail North

Posted By on March 24, 2013

Tippecansett Trail North

5.25 miles  2.7 mph

yes, i just spent the previous post wingeing about my sore legs and my blister and my strained left knee. that does not mean i wasn’t eager to get back out and do it again. this was my first amc meet-up hike, and i had a very nice time. the leader was EXcellent, the other folks were very nice, and i didn’t get left in the dust. this is a 10.5 mile hike, but the leader made provisions to spot a car at the halfway point, which i took advantage of to spare my sore back knee and blister from yesterday. great hike, and i need to do the 2nd half soon.

the firetower

the firetower

a little history about the tippecansett trail… the original trail which starts at stepstone falls, used to pass by this firetower (which is no longer in use), and along the southeast shore of tippecansett pond on its way to camp yawgoog. but the landowners, the south county rod and gun club, objected to hikers on their property, so the trail was re-routed into connecticut, and it now passes along the western shore of the pond. i’d guess it makes the trail about a mile longer than it was originally.

if you’re looking for the tippecansett trail in any of the ken weber books, you’ll find only the southern half of this hike listed under that name. the northern part, the portion of the trail i walked today, is listed in his books as the firetower trail, and it mostly includes the now-closed portion of the trail.

even though i only hiked the northern half of this trail, it is in total a 10 1/2 mile trail, and that’s mileage i’ve used, and the map you’ll find linked to, on my hikefinder.


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  1. scott says:

    Nice! I was sad I couldnt make it on this one, i heard it was a great time. Can you go up the tower or is all locked up?

  2. auntie says:

    no, the tower is fenced in with a barbed wire fence, and there are no platforms to stand on even if you could get past the fence.

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