Top Ten Hikes of 2020 Part 1 and Auntie Gets Meta

Posted By on January 2, 2021

Top Ten Hikes of 2020 Part 1 and Auntie Gets Meta

I know I didn’t get my act together last year to post a Top Ten of 2019. In my defense, I sold my house and moved out of state right at the end of December, so it kind of slipped my mind. Apologies. Additionally 2020 has been for all of us one humdinger of a year, and my blogging kind of fell by the wayside until around March of this year.

All that said, I figure it’s time to give 2020 the old Auntie Send-off of “Top Ten Hikes of the Year.” Here is Part 1, in no particular order. [Also note I don’t call any of these “favorite hikes.” Let’s call them “most memorable hikes” and leave it at that.]

#10 Pisgah NF Mullinax Loop

This hike was downright traumatizing. I will spend the rest of 2020 whinging about bridges and water-crossings because of it. I mean seriously, who routes a major named trail across a river (not a stream, not a creek, not a brook—A RIVER) with no bridge????

Sproingy bridge!

#9 Pisgah NF Hard Times Loop

This was a hike I sourced from AllTrails, and included the pleasant surprise of walking onto North Carolina Arboretum property. The arboretum trails were delightful as they wended in and out of the woods surrounding Bent Creek. This is one I would repeat several times.

Another Bridge

#8 Hominy Creek Greenway

And speaking of repeat visits, I’ve been down this lovely little greenway quite a few times since my initial visit. It’s a decent walk from my house in Asheville to get here, and one I never seem to tire of.

The Trail

#7 Walker Creek Trail

This hike was kind of a mixed bag. It was physically one of the hardest hikes I’ve done this year, with almost 1200 feet total ascent and yet one of the most glorious and amazing hikes at the same time. The wildflowers!!! My head almost exploded from the sheer variety and abundance. It was thrilling.


#6 Hard Times/Owl Ridge Loop

After the first few times I did the Hard Times loop, I grew to dislike the monotony of the forest roads. Lot of boring, endless trudging. But this time through I left the forest road shortly after entering Arboretum property to hike the Owl Ridge Trail, and it was really beautiful and rewarding. And that despite the rain that started moments after I turned onto the trail.

See What I Mean? Pretty!

And here endeth Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2, tomorrow. Also, prolly some annoying “meta” stuff about totals.

UPDATE: Here is the link to Part 2.


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