Tripp & JB Hudson Trails

Posted By on September 6, 2012

Tripp & JB Hudson Trails

4.22 miles   ★★★★

arcadia again. this time i thought i’d explore the trails between route 165 and breakheart pond. i avoided the west branch of the jb hudson trail, due to a bad past experience, and went north on the west bank of breakheart brook instead. beautiful trail! i made a couple of wrong turns, and i tried (and failed) to find an old cemetery that was indicated on the gps, so i suspect the actual mileage would be less as i originally planned the hike. it was a nice day in the woods nonetheless. only ran into (not literally) a couple of mountain bikers.

cool shelf fungus on an old log

didn’t see a lot of mushrooms today. i suspect they will be popping out in a day or two, though, since we’ve had 2 days of heavy rains here.

pale beauty moth, campaea perlata

this handsome specimen was just posing by the side of the trail, waiting for his (her) photo op.

unknown plant

and i don’t know what this is. maybe an indian cucumber root? no idea. but i thought the colors were pretty.

to access these trails park at “appie crossing*.” go west on 165 to the gate on the north side, tripp trail. follow trip trail to first west-leading trail. take to frosty hollow pond. at frosty hollow pond, follow frosty hollow road to the unmarked trail heading east towards breakheart brook. follow this trail to austin farm road at breakheart pond. then take the yellow-blazed east branch of the hudson trail back to 165 and appie crossing.

 *appie crossing is the arcadia trailhead at route 165, almost directly across from the j.b. hudson trailhead. the “appie” is a nickname for the appalachian mountain club, the group that does the lion’s share of the trail maintenance in arcadia.


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