Trustom Pond Wildlife Refuge

Posted By on January 31, 2012


very similar to ninigret, but without the cool history of having once been a naval air station. fewer miles of trails, too. but very nice. 100% walkey. no climby. just what i needed after yesterday!

Old Windmill

since i won’t be going out tomorrow (lunch and a movie with a friend), this means i’m done. i’ve gone to 20 different places this month, on 21 walks (had to repeat just the one time). and i won’t be repeating soon, either, as i just discovered some more places in westerly that i never even knew existed that have trails and geocaches, and i never got to some other local places i’ve been planning on. impressive totals for the month, too: 57 miles, 25 hours and 17 minutes, and 5235 calories burned. so stay tuned!


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