Vin Gormley and Kettle Pond

Posted By on August 30, 2015

Vin Gormley and Kettle Pond

11.42 miles; charlestown, ri

looking to increase my mileage to get ready for hiking in ireland (have i mentioned i’m going to be hiking in ireland?), i decided to give this one another go, and the conditions were, if possible, even worse than they were at the end of july. hot, buggy, and humid. miserable hike. the heat is exhausting.

bucky... still hangin' in there

bucky… still hangin’ in there

as i always do, i check to make sure my old buddy bucky beaver is still in place at the king’s factory road trailhead.

indian tree?

indian tree?

and now that i know about these, i’m always going to wonder when i see one if this is an indian trail marker tree.

you can find both the vin gormley trail and the kettle pond loop, a.k.a. the kettle pond/kimball wr/burlingame loop, in the hikefindertrailheadtrail map vin gormley trail (actually a photo of the map posted at the campground), auntie’s trail map of the kettle pond loop.


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