Vin Gormley Trail & North Camp

Posted By on October 20, 2017

Vin Gormley Trail & North Camp

9.5 miles; Charlestown, RI

As has become a recurring theme on this blog, I really felt as though I needed a good bit of mileage today, so besides doing the 8-mile Vin Gormley trail, I added an extra mile and a half by visiting North Camp and the beach there. Foliage was looking pretty good, and the weather was perfect. It was a very nice day to hike.


This is the map at the “beginning” of the trail, which is at the end of the campground proper. I started at the beach area, so this came at about the 1 1/2 mile point for me. Still, it’s a great map.

Look up!

I love to occasionally look up on these gorgeous fall days. Such a kaleidoscope of color.

Googly Eyes

Um. Yeah. Okay, go ahead. Put Googly Eyes on logs. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Classic Covered Bridge

Perfect day to get a good photo of the covered bridge.

Abandoned Campsite

North Camp was originally another section of the Burlingame Campground, but has been abandoned. There are still some crumbling buildings and many stones painted with site numbers.

Beach at North Camp

Not sure why this spot was abandoned. There is a lovely, if small, beach here.

Fall Foliage

I have a hiking friend who takes the most beautiful photos, and as I was standing here at the beach, I asked myself, “WWJS?” That is, What Would Jen Shoot? This was the resulting photo. Thanks, Jen!

Bucky Beaver Trail Head

As I passed by the old “Bucky Beaver Trail Head,” I was happy to see that the tradition of a stuffed animal of some sort still kind of holds true. Someday I’m going to find another critter to put up there myself.



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