Wales Coast Path, New Quay

Posted By on September 23, 2019

1 mile; New Quay, Wales, UK

We had a lot of trouble even finding the Coast Path here, and gave up and just did a short stroll around town.

Charming Front Door

Lots of lovely front doors in this town!

Still a lot of boats in use

There were still a lot of boats out on the beach? strand? Whatever you call it. The British “holiday” season is basically over, this being one of the many many seaside resort towns on the Welsh coast. And frankly, a lot of these look more like fishing boats than strictly pleasure craft. But who knows?

Cool car, no idea what kind…

My husband is the car guy in the family. I should ask him if he recognizes this.

You can find out more about the Wales Coast Path in New Quay from this website. And as always, click the image above for details about this hike and to download the gps track.


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