Wales Coast Path, Tenby

Posted By on September 20, 2019

Wales Coast Path, Tenby

5.9 miles; Tenby, Wales, UK

Another day another town, and a lovely seaside resort it was! I got off by myself today and put in a nice 6 miles on a Coast Path loop. Would have gone further, but the path was closed due to live fire exercises on the military base that it crosses.

Lotta Love Locks

So many pretty beach views from the main road. I especially loved all the “love locks.”


Sadly, I don’t think this guy (are these just one guy? or are they a colony?) is going to make it.

Long, Empty Beach

There are two beaches in Tenby, North Beach and South Beach. This is Tenby’s South Beach, and I’m aiming for that headland way in the distance. There’s a loop trail that takes in the whole promontory.

Happy Selfie

I enjoyed my traveling companion, but she really wasn’t able to do the kind of mileage that I preferred, and I was kind of delighted to let her do her historical houses thing while I marched off on my own today. You can tell from that shot, I think.


I had intended to do more mileage along the coast path, but well, whoops. The British military was doing live fire exercises at their reservation and not only were there signs, but there was also a very stern-looking young guard person keeping people away.  So I had to cut my walk short and head inland to make my (now shortened) loop back into town.

Love This Sign!

While this part was road-walking, it was still, as a foreigner, fascinating. I loved this sign!

Alternate Route

I was actually walking the alternate route for the Coast Path.

At-Grade RR Crossing

At one point during my journey, I had to cross an at-grade railroad crossing. This was very elaborate, compared to other crossings I’ve made over the years. See almost any Bay Circuit Trail hike, for example!

You can find out more about this stretch of the Wales Coast Path from this website. As always, click the image above for details about this hike and to download the gps track.


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