Wickaboxet & Coney Brook Trails (Last Day Hike)

Posted By on December 31, 2016

Wickaboxet & Coney Brook Trails (Last Day Hike)

6.5 miles; West Greenwich, RI

The weather for this final day of 2016 was too kind not to take an opportunity for a long hike. I decided on the Coney Brook Trail at Tillinghast Pond Management Area, along with stretches of the Wickaboxet, the Flintock, and the Pond Trails in a lollipop loop. It was still pretty cold, though, and icy in places. And yay, today pushed me into double-digit hikes for December! Although, as I said in an earlier post, my mileage for this year was still WAY down from my best, in 2015, of 678 miles.

Little Bit of Snow and Ice

Little Bit of Snow and Ice

Oddly, the only spots on the trail where there was ice was where the sun hit it. The trail under the trees was bone dry. Couldn’t quite figure this out…

Coney Cascades

Another little waterfall today, the cascades of Coney Brook.

Coney Brook Flooding

Don’t know if I’ve ever noticed this, but the Coney Brook through here really looks as though it’s flooding. I wonder if there’s a beaver dam downstream.

Here is my track from today. As always, click for details and to download the gpx file. Trailhead: 41.636254, -71.735952; 677 Plain Meetinghouse Road, West Greenwich, RI. You can get a map that includes most of the trails here.


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