Wickaboxet Picnic Pavilion Dedication

Posted By on August 20, 2017

Wickaboxet Picnic Pavilion Dedication

1.2 miles; West Greenwich, RI

Today’s “hike” was just a brief walk down State Park Road and back to witness the dedication of the old CCC Picnic Pavilion in the Wickaboxet Picnic and Backpacking Area of Arcadia. It was lovely.

A Slightly Misleading Sign

State Park Road is a gravel road off of Escoheag Hill Road. There is a closed gate, and beyond the gate is a sign indicating the distance to the backpacking area. Um, guys? I measured it at double that… just sayin.

Wood Frog

Besides all the human spectators at this event, there were undoubtedly many non-human attendees as well. I happened to notice this tiny little wood frog, no bigger than an inch long, watching raptly.

Master of Ceremonies

Kerry Robinson of the AMC Narragansett Chapter was our Master of Ceremonies for the event. It was partly through her efforts that this amazing job got done at all.

Photo courtesy “HikinginRI”

As a reminder, this is what the pavilion looked like a little over a year ago…


And this is the ribbon cutting for the completed project. This was entirely done by volunteers, and was accomplished in just 6 working days. It’s a splendid achievement for the Narragansett Chapter folks.

First official picnic

And here we all are inside, enjoying our first official picnic.

Old Pump House

Another structure at this site, the old pump house, used to supply water to water fountains (or if you’re a Rhode Islander, “bubblahs”) in the area. The roof was basically non-existent, but was replaced during the same work sessions.

You can find out more about reserving the picnic pavilion (and backpacking sites) by calling the number on the state of RI’s Arcadia website. And learn about the Narragansett Chapter of the AMC on the Chapter’s website. As always, click on the image, above, for details and to download the gps track.



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